About Us

We are a German Men’s Chorus (Männerchor). We combine singing with social and cultural activities. We sing in the male choral (Tenor I, Tenor II, Bass I, Bass II – TTBB) tradition, with an emphasis on classical music and German folk music, but also including songs in English and other languages. We are a community chorus; to belong to our chorus one does not need to be a professional singer.

We rehearse Tuesday evenings from September to May in the Vereiningung Erzgebirge (VE Club) in Warminster, PA.

Part of the fun of being in our chorus is the camaraderie we enjoy drinking beer (or whatever) and socializing in the Ratskeller bar right next to our rehearsal room. We hold two major concerts per year, and sing in numerous other events.

The men’s chorus Franklinville-Schwarzwald Männerchor can be contacted by calling (215) 486-3440

The ladies’ chorus Damenchor Wald-Echo, can be contacted by calling (215) 725-1718.

Jacqueline Smith is the Music Director for both choruses and delights in working with all interested singers. While we sing more in German than in English, and have many members who speak both German and English, there are a good number who do not speak or understand German – but love to sing and are very happy to be a part of this singing experience.